Multihulls World-François Tregouet

You could be forgiven for wondering if the incredible success of the Bali range hadn’t let the Catana brand off watch for a few years – there was only the 53 in the catalog… But that’s old news, with this brand-new Ocean Class which could well inaugurate a complete range. Inverted, fine-entry bows; controlled weight thanks to a stratification process in carbon-reinforced infusion and a reduced footprint of the nacelle; a powerful rig and deep daggerboards: this model is indeed a Catana! Performance addicts will be able to choose a carbon mast. For the deck, the builder has opted for a central helm station. The Ocean Class benefits from a bulkhead-free nacelle with three large sliding bay windows with integral reinforcement for enjoying a vast living space, either totally protected or fully open to the outside.

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