Multihulls World, Emmanuel Van Deth

“Finally!” That was the first word out of the editor’s mouth when the news broke just over a year ago. Unveiled at the International Multihull Show, the Ocean Class inaugurates a new Catana range. We were able to discover this fast-cruising catamaran a few weeks later – to our great delight!

Test location: Canet-en-Roussillon, France
Conditions: 15 knots of wind, slight to moderate sea state

It’s been six years now since the last Catana, the 53, was launched… And for a few years, the range has been limited to this one single (albeit very successful) model. But to be honest, the length of this period with no new Catana models probably feels much greater for any fans of serious cruising – and that includes us of course. Let’s not forget that in the meantime, the Bali brand has multiplied its new models, leading some to fear that the Catana name, although at the origin of the group, might become the collateral damage victim of the success of its youngest offspring. In the end, this isn’t the case. It was only the time needed for the historic brand to reinvent itself and find the time to do so. Ultimately, as you can see, we’re in no way denying the pleasure of sailing aboard this Catana with its enhanced DNA. It’s all about sharing the experience with you.

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