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Since 1984, CATANA catamarans have been criss-crossing the world’s oceans, engaging in sporting and scientific exploits or simply allowing owners to live their dreams of freedom and independence.

With almost 40 years’ experience and expertise, CATANA CATAMARANS sets the standards in top-of-the-range boating. The French brand has revolutionised blue water cruising by combining performance, luxury and comfort.

All CATANA CATAMARANS customers can rely on the brand’s expertise to design and build their own custom catamaran.

Tailored to suit all conditions, CATANA catamarans are born to share an extraordinary experience with their owners.

The name CATANA CATAMARANS is synonymous with speed, excitement and performance. Going faster aboard boats that want it all, while feeling safe with materials and construction techniques bearing the CATANA CATAMARANS signature.

CATANA’s specific manufacturing technology gives a genuine advantage, guaranteeing optimum strength and stiffness in a lightweight construction for increased speed and performance.

What’s more, the fine, inverted bows and the daggerboards are the result of unique innovation that is revolutionising the luxury catamaran business.

CATANA CATAMARANS is the benchmark in its category, offering a unique sailing experience, whether it’s Blue Water Cruising, racing or simply a day-sailing excursion. The catamarans combine speed, velocity, lightness, durability and exceptional comfort.

Safety is a crucial factor for the brand. No shortcuts are tolerated. CATANAs are perfectly seaworthy boats capable of sailing close-hauled in the world’s most challenging seas. Depending on the weather conditions, you can point higher, maintaining a direct course, to reach your destination or port of refuge more quickly. The same applies to the ability to get clear ahead of the arrival of a storm. We focus on the boat’s ability to maintain high average speeds, whatever the trim or weather conditions.

It’s always a pleasure to sail aboard a CATANA, an ocean-going catamaran that’s faster, more comfortable and always with the utmost safety.

CATANA CATAMARANS can be distinguished by unique features such as: great headroom, high freeboard for comfort and safety, inverted bows that increase performance while reducing the risk of the bows burying, curved foil-type daggerboards to avoid the “tripping” effect and to optimise upwind course-keeping, and “crash-boxes” at the bow and stern to guarantee unsinkability.

CATANA catamarans are the result of an alliance between cutting-edge technology, vacuum infusion technology with the integration of carbon fibre, and the best deck hardware and equipment manufacturers.

The CATANA CATAMARANS signature expresses the shipyard’s commitment to go beyond the simple pursuit of speed. Few builders can offer their fans luxury Blue Water catamarans that are innovative, high-performance and French, while preserving the vessel’s seakeeping qualities. The CATANA brand has succeeded in reconciling the three key values that set it apart: performance, safety and comfort, creating high-performance, unique high-end catamarans. For almost 40 years, CATANA catamarans have been setting the standards for cruisers in search of revolution and innovation. CATANA owners can enjoy a warm and welcoming cruising pod, with remarkable openness and living space. Each CATANA is designed in close collaboration with its owner, using a semi-custom design approach that allows the layout, decor and equipment to be tailored to their individual desires.


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We just bought this amazing CATANA 47 and we are ready to sail around the world… First stop Barcelona. Then we want to explore the Mediteranean sea and South America. We choose to buy a catamaran after spending a unforgatable holidays on a CATANA 53, we had no choice but to purchase one! The CATANA 47 is a confortable, safe and performance boat who can take you anywhere and everywhere. We cannot wait to enjoy our CATANA and spend time with friends and family on board.

CATANA 47 comme une évidence !

Notre départ en bateau au moment de la retraite était prévu de longue date. Restait à choisir la monture ! Le catamaran s’est rapidement imposé pour l’espace à vivre, son peu de tirant d’eau et un Catana comme un bon compromis vitesse/confort. Sept ans après avoir largué les amarres, nous sommes toujours ravis de nos choix.
Brigitte et Serge

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OCEAN CLASS-Performance by nature

OCEAN CLASS-Performance by nature

Since 1984, CATANA catamarans have been criss-crossing the world’s oceans, engaging in sporting and scientific exploits or simply allowing owners to live their dreams of freedom and independence.

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