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NEWS / by Magazine Boatandboats  / Jan 27, 2017

Whoever has come into contact with Adria Ship over the last 20 years – as customer, owner or just a sailor transiting near the Darsena San Marco in Grado, where the company is based – has certainly known a family.

It’s difficult to distinguish the marks left by the society importing the Elan brand and representing Catana and Bali ones, from those made by Gennaro, the founder, and his offspring, Giovanna and Luigi, who currently manage the company with him.

Gennaro Coretti fondatore Adria Ship

Gennaro Coretti, fondatore di Adria Ship

The personal style, the working method and the ethics of this company immediately define the framework where the customer-company relationship is included.

When Adria Ship saw the light on January 27th 1997, Gennaro Coretti, a 50-year-old bank executive at the time, could exclusively rely on the accuracy with which he had always faced his life and business, together with his great passion for the sea and desire for change.

With this moral capital and 5 millions lire, he founded the basis of Adria Ship rising above the skeptical views of many and the discouragement of Giovanna, who found herself alone in an office in Grado looking at a phone which never rang. Giovanna Coretti Adria Ship

20 years is a long time – says Gennaro Coretti when we ask him to tell his history – but they flew on the wings of the thousands of things we have done”.
After a life spent aboard - continues Gennaro - in my early 50s, I wanted to change; so, I decided to leave the bank and open a used-boats brokerage office. I still remember that my initial investment was 5 millions lire, a very small amount of money today. I convinced my daughter Giovanna and, with her, I started this adventure which continues today”. 

We don’t know the nature of the feeling raising on Giovanna’s face while she listens to her father’s words. Maybe emotion, nostalgia or even the recollection of a nightmare. But she takes a deep breath and tells how the first moths were very hard.
Our decision to invest in Grado -tells Giovanna –  seemed crazy. We were the first who attempted a business in that field. There was a great deal of skepticism; in fact, the first bank where we decided to open a checking account told us very clearly it was a risk and it wouldn’t have worked”.

 Luigi Coretti e Gennaro Adria Ship

On the right, Luigi Coretti with his father Gennaro

But Adria Ship grew and quickly became a representative and then a distributor of the Slovenian Elan Marine shipyard, whose partnership is active still today.

Gennaro’s son, Luigi Coretti, well remembers the night when, while coming back home from the university, he changed the text of the covering letter his father wanted to send to Elan to offer the company as a representative for the Northern Adriatic.

He took the letter and added all the regions bordering the Adriatic, from Friuli to Puglia. ” Dad – he said to an astonished Gennaro – if you have to ask, ask. It’ s them, if anything, who will say no”.

But they said yes and the adventure began. Some years later, Adria Ship became the exclusive Elan Marine importer for Italy.

I well remember - tells Luigi, who, in the meantime, had started to work at Adria Ship-  our encountering in Slovenia. The then president of the society, Davor Noc, welcomed us in his office and told us: “Today, I’ll give you a gift, I’ll give you the Tyrrhenian!” My reply was immediate: it’s not a gift but a problem. No one has done nothing for years there and there’s still everything to do”.

However, Adria ship accepted the challenge and continued to grow. The group opened some points of sale in Liguria, Rome and Sicily and took over a small dry dock and a shipyard in Grado, where the current Adria Ships headquarters are based and most of the Elan boats produced for the Italian market are launched.

Darsena San Marco Grado sede Adria Ship

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